About us

We always ensure your dogs Spa experience is relaxed, calming and luxurious.

For the ultimate in luxurious pampering for your pooch, visit us at Pampered Paws.

Pampered Paws is a Doggy Day Spa where your loyal friend can be groomed, indulged and revitalised. We use natural products and promote a healthy clean environment for your canine. We have a lovely relaxed Spa that allows your dog the freedom to feel comfortable while we pamper them with love.

We take pride in the finer details but most importantly we love meeting you and your loyal companion. Contact us to find out more or come visit us at 20 Imam Haron Road, Claremont, Cape Town.

“We use natural products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

~ Richard

Regularly grooming your pooch has many benefits; it helps to keep them clean, remove any dead hair or undercoat. It will also aids in the distribution of the natural oils of the skin, which will promote a healthier coat. Treat your pet to the grooming experience at Pampered Paws Spa where we offer bespoke dog grooming packages that will leave your pampered pooch feeling fresh and wanting more.  

– Yasmin