About Us

Pampered Paws is not your average Dog Spa. We understand the stress of leaving your furbaby with a stranger. The anxiety levels increase for both human and canine as you both wonder, what will the experience be like and how will your furbaby cope?

We have designed our studio to ensure every dog and owner feels comfortable from the moment they step through the doors. Our open plan reception with enticing treats and smells makes your furbaby feel right at home. Our space gives every dog no matter size, breed or hair type the comfort to feel liberated and enables our team to pamper them with love and care.

Our luxurious spa was specially designed to provide a calm, relaxing and safe retreat in which your loyal companion can be groomed, preened, indulged and revitalised. Our Full Spa Package has been created with the unique twist on the industry standard of grooming by size alone. The hair type defines the length of time and type of cuts required for each groom.

One of our team members will great you upon arrival and complete a health check and consultation to ensure we cater for your furbabies every need and find the right groom for your breed.

We strive to deliver excellent service, professional grooming and most importantly an experience your loyal companion won’t want to forget. Our focus is to ensure the health and wellbeing of every dog through our doors.

If you have any questions or want to pop in store we love meeting new people and dog’s. We look forward to serving your loyal friend not just now but we would love to build a relationship for many years to come and be part of your dog’s life.

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